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Celebraez Platform Fee Policy

We strive to provide a transparent and competitive fee structure for all vendors on our platform. The following outlines our current fee policy:

  1. Store Commission: A 10% commission will be applied to all sales made through our platform post deduction of 10% Japan sales tax. This fee covers the use of our marketplace infrastructure, customer service support, application data processing, security management, and marketing efforts to drive traffic to your products.
  2. Payment Transaction Fee: A 5% fee will be charged on each transaction prior to 10% Japan sales tax deduction to cover payment processing costs. This ensures secure and efficient payment handling for both vendors and customers.
  3. Payout Fee: A fixed fee of 250 yen will be deducted per payout cycle. This covers the administrative costs associated with transferring your earnings to your designated bank account.
Please note:
  • All fees are deducted automatically from your sales before payout.
  • Sales tax of 10% is included in all product price and will be deducted before payout. This will be collected by the platform to be remitted to the tax authorities.
  • Fees are subject to change with prior notice to all vendors.
  • We recommend reviewing your pricing strategy to account for these fees while remaining competitive in the marketplace. Check our Online Calculator for price of guaranteed margin.


Store plans

1. Free plan: Start Selling Today!
    • Join our marketplace at no cost and start reaching customers immediately. Our free plan includes everything you need to begin your online selling journey:
      • Easy Sign-Up:
        • Quick account creation process
        • Access to seller dashboard
      • Product Uploads:
        • List up to 50 products for free
        • Upload up to 5 images per product
        • Add detailed product descriptions
        • Set your own prices
      • Basic Analytics:
        • View basic sales statistics
      • Customer Service:
        • Help desk support for your portal functionality
      • Secure Payments:
        • Safe and reliable payment processing
        • Regular payouts to your linked bank account
      • Platform Support:
        • Access to our knowledge base
        • Email support for account issues

2. Premium Plan: Boost Your Online Presence for Just ¥500/Month

    •  All Free Plan Features Included
    • Unlimited Product Listings:
      • No cap on the number of products you can list
    • Dedicated Branding and Product Page:
      • Add your brand story and logo
      • Highlight products from your store
    • Enhanced Visibility:
      • Create up to 3 unique tags for focus highlight of your products
      • Brand spotlights on Celebraez home page



3. Discounts:

Limited Time Offer: Premium Plan Launch Promotion!

Be one of the first to experience our Premium Vendor Plan at an unbeatable price:

  • Exclusive Offer for Early Adopters:
    • First 10 vendors joining Celebraez in 2024 get 6 months FREE
    • Full access to all Premium Plan features at no cost
    • Regular ¥500/month fee applies after the 6-month period
  • Premium Plan Highlights:
    • Dedicated branding page for your brand
    • Unlimited product listings
    • Dedicated tags for product highlights
    • Brand promotion on Celebraez home page
  • How It Works:
    1. Sign up for Celebraez
    2. Contact our support at to sign up for Premium Plan
    3. Set up your branding page and product tags with our support staff.
    4. If you're among the first 10 vendors in 2024, your first 6 months are on us!
    5. After 6 months, continue enjoying premium benefits for just ¥500/month

Don't miss this opportunity to supercharge your online business with Celebraez. Our Premium Plan gives you the tools to stand out in the marketplace and boost your sales.

Act fast – this offer is limited to the first 10 vendors who join in 2024!

Sign up now and start your 6-month free Premium Plan journey with Celebraez!

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Store Fees, Plans and Discounts