Vendor Portal Onboarding

The key functions of Celebraez marketplace platform:

  • Sign Up
  • Product Upload
  • Order Management
  • Fulfillment
  • Receive Payout
  • Sign Up:
    • Quick and easy account creation
    • Simple verification process (1~3 business days)
    • Instant access to seller dashboard
    • Language setting

  • Product Upload:
    • User-friendly interface for adding new items
    • Multiple product image upload capability
    • Detailed description and pricing options
    • Inventory management tools
    • Setting Shipping Details

Setting Shipping Details

Shipping options are flat rates with the following options. To set shipping cost for your product, you can use the weight setting to set the shipping cost to your customers. The weight is not real and not visible to customers, it is only to decide the shipping cost you would like to set.

  • Free Shipping: set product weight to 0.5kg
  • Flat ¥500: set product weight to 1.5kg
  • Flat ¥1000set product weight to 2.5kg

Free shipping is a powerful tool that benefits both sellers and customers. It can significantly boost conversion rates, increase average order values, and provide a competitive edge in the marketplace. Customers appreciate the transparency and cost savings, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty. Try our price calculator with a free shipping option and a guaranteed margin.

  • Order Management:
    • Real-time order notifications
    • Comprehensive order details from email notification
    • Order status tracking and updates at product dashboard

  • Fulfillment:
    • Automated shipping label generation
    • Order tracking information sharing

  • Receive Payout:
    • Regular, scheduled monthly payouts
    • Clear fee structure and earnings breakdown
    • Detailed financial reports and analytics

    • Vendor Portal Instructions: More
    • Store Fees, Plans, and Discount: More
    • Pricing Strategy: More
    • Price Calculator: check your price
    • Tips of managing your online sales: More
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